Complacency Warning

by Kate

Watch the prices of staple foods such as Baked Beans

Watch the prices of staple foods such as Baked Beans

Complacency is an easy trap to fall into and lately we have slipped ourselves when it comes to the weekly supermarket shop.

We have our favorite supermarket which stocks all the items we like and at what we thought was a really good price. But just recently I have noticed that the prices on some basic items has crept up and up to the point that i know I can get them cheaper elsewhere.

For instance, baked beans. A basic store cupboard item which used to be a cheap item to always have in stock. We always used to buy the stores own brand as we found them to be just as good as the brand named ones and at about 20p less a can. But something has changed and the beans are now tasteless, hard and watery and simply not worth paying out for. However the branded ones are now so expensive at around 70p a can.

This is where my frugal head comes into play and I have now started to buy the multi pack branded beans at less per can than the cheaper store brand beans. Yes it costs me more in the short term but long term I save money and you get better tasting beans too.

So my advice this month is to check those items that you buy regularly for price and quality and check out some of the deals on the normally higher priced items. At the moment there are some very good deals to be had on many staples such as bread, cheese and tinned goods.

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