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Clothing care to make them last longer is certainly something I am very passionate about. Over the years I have lost lots of good clothes to bad washing machines who insist on eating my clothes at every opportunity or thorough just not being careful with them myself.

Piles of clothing on the floor etc, not good for their longevity me thinks.

Bedding and towels too need to be looked after to prevent them wearing out and having to be replaced more often.

Again the amount of towels I have thrown away just because I couldn't be bothered to store them correctly, causing them to go mouldy. I can't stand the smell of mould and find it very hard to try and get rid of.

So thanks to tips my mother and friends have given me I now take clothing care etc very seriously indeed and in doing so have saved myself lots of money in the long run.

Here are the tips bits of advice I now try to follow and I hope they will help you too for all your clothing care etc needs.

Clothing Care

  • Try to buy knitwear that are pre-washed they tend to keep there shape longer and don't end up all baggy and misshapen. They may cost a little more but will last you much longer.

  • If you get a satin on a favourite piece of clothing that just won't come out, instead of throwing it out, cover it up. Depending where the stain is I like to use buttons, trim or if on the lapel a brooch.

  • This one a bit obvious but never the less I never used to do it. Read the care instructions on the garment before washing.

  • There's nothing worse than finding out too late that something should be hand washed only when you pull it ruined from the washing machine.

  • When clothes just get past there best, why not try and either:
  • Use the material for something else
  • Trim i.e. turn an old pair of jeans into a pair of short. Etc
  • Relegate them for use in the garden or when decorating.
  • Cut up for rags.

  • Don't pack the washing machine too full. Clothes can often get damaged this way. Also try using a cooler wash, as really hot water can damage fibers over time.

  • Before washing, turn clothes inside out and do up buttons and zippers. This will also reduce the damage of repeated washes.

  • Use a mesh bag for your smalls in the washing machine. Delicate clothing can be ruined as it tumbles around with items of clothing with buttons and zippers etc.

Towels and Bedding

  • Always wash white towels separately; this will prevent them going grey from any bleeding of colours.

  • Use dryer sheets rather than fabric softener, as these are kinder to the fibres and will not leave a coating.

  • To soften stiff towels add some white vinegar to the wash.

  • Try and buy good quality bedding and towels, as these will naturally last longer. Also natural fibres such as cotton and twill weaves will be much more rugged and last longer than say satin sheets.

  • Don't forget to hang onto old sheets for use later for covering furniture etc when decorating the house. Old towels too make great floor clothes.

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