Cleaning Jobs 

Cleaning jobs come in lots of different options from cleaning offices to cleaning someone's home. It may not sound very glamorous but if you need some extra income to boost your frugal living budget then this could be the job for you.

Why Cleaning?

I have known many people, from highly qualified professionals to students who have done some cleaning work to fill a gap in their finances or who simply enjoy the work (some do you know).

The best reason for finding a cleaning job is that you need little experience and no training (well as long as you have picked up a duster before that is). It is also work that is relatively abundant and available and so could come in handy when finances are tight.

Cleaning work can also be a good option if you are looking to start up your own business. It will have little overheads (depending on the type of cleaning you choose to do) and as long as you are good at what you do, could build into a very profitable long-term business.

What sort of cleaning jobs are there?

Private or agency - You can set up on your own and simply post a few adverts in shop windows or the local press offering your cleaning services or you could sign up with a cleaning agency.

Signing up with a cleaning agency will guarantee you work but you will have to attend an interview and prove that you are legally able to work. Also any references of previous work could be an advantage, it will show that you are reliable and someone who will be a valuable employee.

Types of cleaning jobs:

Private residencies - cleaning someone's home for them. This will require a level of trust between you and the homeowner, but as long as you are professional in your approach to the work and agree beforehand what the owner exactly wants done and how any breakages will be paid for, then you should come across as someone who can be trusted.

Office cleaning - usually offices will employ a cleaning agency, but you could approach small business to offer your services.

Total cleaning services - This is the sort of job where you offer a total service such as cleaning someone's home when they move for the next owner, for a landlord before a new tenant arrives or for a building contractor when they have finished house work.

Carpet cleaning - This can be a lucrative area of work but you will need to have your own transport and either buy or rent expensive carpet cleaning equipment. You will also have to have insurances to cover you for any damages that may be caused by chemicals to carpets etc.

How much can you earn?

This varies from the type of work you are undertaking. If you work for an agency then your pay will be fixed by the hour. If you decide to work for your self you will have to agree a price before each job based on what needs to be done.

Typically though between £5 - £10 an hour is a good guide for general cleaning.

What costs are involved?

Generally apart from your travel costs the employer should pick up any costs for cleaning supplies etc (be sure to keep the receipt and store the cleaning products at the premises so that they are not used elsewhere).

If you decide to clean offices or larger properties, a vehicle for your equipment will be required.


Generally no training is required. Make sure you are familiar with your equipment and products and make sure you have an agreement with the owner/ employer to exactly how they would like the work done. One person's idea of cleaning may be different from the next.

Pros and Cons - Cleaning Jobs

This work is great if you like the freedom of working for yourself as you can dictate when and where you work, it is also relatively easy work to get and so is great for earning extra cash at short notice.

On the con side, it generally isn't that well paid and you may be required to clean in some unpleasant situations.

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