Cinema Snacks - Make Your Own

by Kate

picture by jspatchwork flickr

picture by jspatchwork flickr

I have strong memories as a child of visiting the cinema with my mother several times a month and even though we weren't rolling in money she would always manage to buy us a little something from the cinema shop.

I remember even then my mother's face when she saw the prices and I think that even then, as a child I felt a little guilty.

well since then things are even worse down at the old Cinema snack shop, it's bad enough that ticket prices have gone up so much that I now only manage to go about once every couple of months. But not to be able to afford something from the snack shop, is really getting me down.

So I thought I would make my own special cinema snacks, not only much cheaper but also a little healthier too.

First of all, popping your own fresh popcorn at home is so simple and so tasty. I don't even bother to put anything on them, they are so nice.

Mixed nuts are a great cinema snack too; add a few raisins and sultanas to add a little sweetness.

I like to make my own flapjacks too, oats, dried fruit and honey baked in the oven and then cut into cubes make them a great sweet cinema snack.

To make the experience just that little bit more authentic, I take my home made snacks to the cinema in paper bags. Well you have to rustle just a little to get that real cinema experience don't you?

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