Christmas Tree Frugal Tips & Uses

Uncommon frugal living uses for a Christmas Tree.

Frugal Living Tips for old Xmas trees.

Once the Christmas season is over and all the decorations have been packed away for another year, if you have invested in a real pine tree you will have the dilemma of what to do with it.

Many people will throw it away and this is a terrible waste, some may try to replant it and hope that it survives for next year and some may just let it rot at the back of the garden.

but there are some other things you can do with that discarded tree that will mean that you haven’t wasted your money and will give you the benefits of another use. Although some of these suggests may sound a little strange, the dog repeller for instance, it is always worth giving things a go.

Plant Protector

Cut off the branches of an unwanted tree and cover flowerbeds with them; they may not look very attractive, but they will help to keep animals off of your flower and vegetable beds.

Outdoor Lighting

Keep your Xmas tree in a garden tub throughout the year, and decorate it with lights for a party.

Bird Shelter 

When you've finished with your Xmas tree, replant it at the bottom of your garden as a shelter for birds. They'll be especially grateful if you keep the tree festooned throughout the cold winter months with bird treats such as sunflower or sesame seeds, popcorn or whole peanuts.

Dog Repellent

Cut off the branches of an old Xmas tree and position them vertically around young tree trunks. It may help to discourage dogs from fouling them.

(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver)

If you use your tree for something else and think that others could benefit from your suggestion, please feel free to drop us a line.

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