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Buying Christmas frugal gifts for all your fiends and family might make you worry that they will think that you are stingy.

This is silly of course, as it is perfectly possible to buy lovely gifts that not only look expensive but will also delight the recipient. Frugal living doesn't mean that you are tight fisted, just sensible with money. A frugal Christmas is full of love and fun and the Christmas spirit will still be there in abundance.

For some reason the spirit of giving and receiving gifts has become lost in all the modern day commercialism and hype.

What we must all remember is that when we give or receive a gift it is a symbol of someone caring and thinking about you, rather than how much money has been spent.

For me, often the best gifts are the ones that someone has either spent the time making themselves or has tried to give me something they think I would like, no matter how small.

It shows that the other person really cares and has made a real effort rather than grabbing the first expensive bottle of perfume off the shelf.

Here I hope to give you a few ideas on how to give Christmas frugal gifts that won't break the bank but will show that you have put some time and thought into the gifts.

Make A Frugal Plan Of Action

I know I have said it before but to keep costs down and to work out what Christmas frugal gifts you can afford to give, it is vital that you plan your budget well in advance.

If you don't you will be in grave danger of spending far more than you intended and will be left with debts in the New Year.

  • Decide how much you can afford to spend on each member of your family. Don't be afraid to keep this figure a frugal one. The last thing anyone wants is for you to get yourself into financial difficulties.

  • If there are a lot of children in the family, it may be an idea to spread the cost out over several family members by each of you deciding either which children each of you will buy for or by clubbing together and buying a more expensive present for each child rather than lots of smaller ones.

  • If you have a large group of friends or work in a large office, arranging a secret Santa draw could be the answer. Decide on a budget and each of you picks out someone else's name to buy for. That way everyone gets a gift but the cost is kept to a minimum.
  • Keep an eye out through out the year for little gifts that will be suitable at Christmas time. Keep a special eye out during sale periods. I found some amazing gifts at knock down price, just because I didn't buy them at Christmas when the prices can go up.
  • Don't be afraid to speak to your family if you feel that by buying gifts will put you into debt. The last thing any of your family want is to make your life harder. Perhaps decide on as maller budget that everyone can keep to, to avoid those embarrassing "yours cost more than mine" type gifts.

On the next page I will be giving you some more ideas of some Christmas frugal gifts that will still delight your friends and family.

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