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Cheap snacks can be healthy snacks too. This is great news for those of us who snack every day but who don't want to end up over weight and unhealthy. Snacking can also be expensive.

I used to always buy something every day mid morning from the works food trolley.

Sometimes it was a bag of crisps, other days it was a sticky bun, but by the end of the week I had spent an extra £5/$10.

Add to that those little extra snacks you buy your self at lunchtime to keep you going through the afternoon and over the year you will not only have put on weight but you could also be another £460/$920 out of pocket too.

Make Sure Snacks Fill You Up

The trouble with most snacks is that they can be full of sugar, salt and fat and can be not very filling, meaning that you reach for something else 30 minutes later. But if you can prepare your own snacks from scratch you will not only know what is in them but they will cost you less overall.

The best low fat cheap snack I know is popping your own popcorn. Buy a bag or corn kernels and pop them in your microwave.

Don't add sugar, salt or butter; simply eat them, as they are, delicious. A bag of kernels will only cost you around 70p/$1.40 and will make many many batches of popped corn.

Fresh fruit is of course one of the best cheap snacks to fill you up but not necessarily that appealing. So why not make yourself your very own exotic fruit salad everyday for the mid afternoon slump.

Tinned or frozen fruit is fairly inexpensive and will last you far longer than buying fresh. You can mix and match many more different types of fruit together all year round. Add a nice dollop of low fat yoghurt and a sprinkle of museli or chopped nuts for that extra luxury treat.


I love my cereal at breakfast time but did you know that some cereals are great to eat as a cheap snack without milk anytime of the day.

Sugar free cereals can be bought at health food shops and to keep the costs low only use this cereal for your snacks during the day. Keep the portions to a handful, to add a little sweetness and to bulk the snack out, add some raisons or sultanas.

Smoothes and shakes

A great way to fill those snacking moments is to either have a filling smoothie or milk shake. The trick is to make them your self instead of buying the prepared ones that cost a fortune. By making them yourself they truly become healthy cheap snacks.

Half a banana 
Splash of orange juice
Other fruit of your choice
Mix together, that's it. This will fill you up and is sooooooo tasty

Skinny milkshake
Glass of low fat milk
Fruit of your choice

I use my blender everyday; it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Dips and Veggies

Another cheap snacks solution is to use fresh crunchy vegetables cut into strips and dipped into a tasty low fat dip.

Any of your favourite veggies can be used, carrots celery, or peppers. Raw mushrooms are also great uncooked, I love them, I also love peas, I love to cook a small portion and mix them with a small amount of humus.

A really quick and cheap way of making your own salsa is to blend together a tin of chopped tomatoes with some paprika and chilli. That's it.


If like me you are a bit of a cheese fan then there is an alternative to the full fat hard cheese as a snack. Cottage cheese is not only delicious but also low fat so can be eaten without all the guilt of eating the full fat cheese.

Cottage cheese can be mixed with sweet corn or chopped tomatoes, peas or any other chopped vegetables to bulk it out.

Cottage cheese is a cheap snacks option as you can buy quite large tubs for a fraction of the cost of normal cheese. I find it very nice to eat it with crackers or rice cakes; I even like to eat it wrapped in a lettuce leaf for that fresh crunchy texture.


When in season fresh berries are great snacks to have handy. Even though they are full of natural sugars I find that you don't have to eat that many to be satisfied. Whereas sweets are not so satisfying and you end up eating far more than you should.

Buying fresh fruits at your local market rather than at the supermarket is far cheaper. I can buy a huge bowl of strawberries for £1 at my local market.

Make your own cereal bars

All those so called health bars you can buy for a small fortune can be easily made at home for a fraction of the cost. Here is made recipe for my own nutty bar. 
1/3 cup of sunflower seeds 
1/3 cup of walnuts 
1/3 cup of almonds 
1/3 cup of unsweetened dried coconut 
1 cup of cereal (cornflakes, rice pops etc 
1 cup of raisons 
3 tablespoons of low fat peanut butter 
2 tablespoons of butter


Cook nuts and seeds in a little oil in a frying pan until golden brown. Add coconut and raisons and cook until brown.

Remove from heat and add cereal, butter and peanut butter. Mix well together. Then press mixture into a shallow tray, pat down tightly. Place in fridge to cool. Then cut into squares.

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