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Cheap Holiday costumes. I can't tell you how much money people throw away for Halloween. I mean I know it's suppose to be a fun time of year and all but the way people are throwing their money down the drain you might think we didn't have an economic crises on our hands!!! Just for Halloween costumes alone I have had parents in my pre-school class tell me they have spent $40.00 on a costume! What?

No say it isn't so!!!! When I was a kid growing up I was the same thing every Halloween for about 11 years! I put on my jeans jacket some old jeans a winter cap and coffee grounds on my face. Yup I was a bum for FREE! It cost noting for the costume! I can't even imagine what it is like to go out and buy a costume!

This year we had at our school a Fall Festival and we had to dress in a Fall Theme. I was a scarecrow. The whole costume cost me NOTHING! I had an old pair of jean sand I fringed the legs. I wore mixed matched knee highs and a flannel shirt. I found a bow made from raffia and pinned it to the front of my shirt.

I had a straw hat that I added paper leaves to. I then made two black crows that I downloaded from the internet and colored them and decorated them. I stuck one on my hat and one on the upper front of my shirt near my neck. I then put more colored paper leaves all over my costume. I then made sunflowers from coffee filters by painting them yellow with black inside. I let them dry and I cut along the pleats of the filters for a more sunflower affect. I then taped those all over my costume.

I put makeup on and blused my cheeks red and put red lipstick on my lips and brown eye-shadow around my eyes. I wore ankle boots. I then put on my knitted winter gloves!!! The whole costume was a smash and everybody loved it!I started the night before the festival! Best of all it was free!!! Gosh where is the imagination these days?

comment from kate site owner
great post. I totally agree, a little imagination goes a long long way and not buying that costume but making one yourself is the way to go.

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