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Frugal Fun On A Budget 

Planning cheap dates doesn't make you a tightwad or an unromantic person. What it does make you is original and practical and that can make you a very desirable person too.

Anyone can splash the cash and buy their dates expensive jewelry; a meal out or bunches of red roses, but what does that really say about you.

Ok the girl might feel special for a short while but if on every date she gets the same sorts of things then how will you stand out from the crowd?

Make your frugal date all about your personality and creativity. Showing your partner who you really are is a sure fire way of making them fall for you and make your dates a romantic reminder of how you first met.

That's how I found my perfect partner, he was just so original even though we didn't have much money to spend, our dates were truly memorable and something I will cherish forever.

So put away your cheque book and discover how cheap dates can catch you your dream partner.

Cheap Dates Out Ideas

Sunset walks

There is nothing as romantic as watching a beautiful sunset, wrapped up warm with that special person. It doesn't even have to be looking out to sea, or across open fields.No, I remember some absolutely wonderful evenings just watching the sun drifting behind city skylines. Find a bridge to stand on together, or tall building; I even remember being on the top floor of a multi story carpet looking out over the evening sky. Ahhhhh

Free Museums and art galleries

A fantastic frugal day trip out is visiting an impressive museum or art gallery. Most of them are free and you can spend all day together wandering around the halls. Bring a picnic for afterwards to save on food bills.

Alternatively sign up for free listings of opening art exhibition evenings. Often nibbles and drink are on offer for free and this has the advantage of allowing you both to dress up for the occasion.

Romantic Picnics 

Cheap dates are all about being together in a simple environment where all there is to concentrate on is each other. A picnic is fantastic for this, especially if you prepare it with a little romance in mind.

Why not bake heart shaped cookies and cut the sandwiches in to heart shapes too. Present them with a single flower or even make them a daisy chain bracelet. Fresh strawberries are a lovely romantic touch too, especially when paired with a bottle of sparkling wine.


Salsa dancing is very romantic and sexy too. There are a lot of venues now holding weekly salsa classes in all sorts of venues these days.

They are normally not too expensive either and have the added bonus of allowing you to get close to your partner week after week. Memories of these classes will last forever and will always bring a smile to both your faces as well as keeping you both fit in the process. Great exercise.


I know theater tickets are expensive But if you go to the shows box office 15 minutes before the show is to begin you will be surprised at just how cheaply they are willing to sell top tickets for.

I once paid £10 for a £40 front row balcony seat in London to see a top show. We had such a fantastic night that we began to do it about once a month after that and ended up seeing many of the best London shows on offer. What memories.

Crazy Golf 

What? Of all the cheap dates I've been on, this one made me laugh and laugh. It was great to feel childish again and it was so much fun trying to put off my partners stroke. We had a ball and for only a few pounds.


My boyfriend and I were very much into conservation and so we used to go on volunteering days to help clear up the countryside together with a group of other people. We loved it. It was free, fun and gave us a great feeling inside. They were great days out together.

Surprise them

Why not meet your date from work and take them for a very expensive and gorgeous piece of cake at a local coffee house and, wait for it, SHARE IT. That way it is still a special treat but won't cost the earth (she will also thank you for sharing the calories).

Cheap Dates Gifts

  • Candy Card - Make them a giant card from cardboard and decorate it with candy love hearts. You could even create a love poem inside using them within the text.
  • Flowers - Instead of buying a bunch of flowers (expensive) for your sweetheart, why not grow your own flowers in plant pots and when they bloom give one to your partner. This will mean so much more as you have taken the trouble to nurture the plant yourself and really thought about the gift

  • Personal treasure trove - One of the best gifts I received from my boyfriend when we were first going out was a box he gave me that was full of little things to remind me of him.

    Here are a few of the items it contained:

    A piece of material from one of his shirts that was covered in his aftershave.

    Old pictures from his childhood of him and his family.

    Little fossils that he found as a boy.

    A miniature teddy bear he had owned.

    A little glass bottle of his aftershave.

    A love poem wrapped like a scroll and tied with red ribbon.

    I still have all these things even though he gave me the box over twenty years ago.

    As you can see frugal daters can be romantic and cheap dates are the best way to win a fair maidens heart.

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