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Cashback shopping has been around for a little while now but just how many of you know about it? It is well worth looking into as it can be an added bonus for your frugal living lifestyle.

Well I must admit to only coming across it within the last year and when I did I couldn't believe how I had missed out on this great opportunity to make some money.

I do a lot of online shopping and figures show that many more people are turning to their computers for their shopping needs. As a frugal shopper I find it a great way to dig out bargains and get some great prices.

What is cashback shopping?

Basically you sign up to one of the cash back online companies and go through their portal to visit many of your usual favourite stores, make purchases and earn a percentage back. As you visit and buy more your cash back mounts up and the cash back companies pay you a lump sum every month. It's that easy.

Some of the cashback companies require a yearly submission fee but this is usually very low around $10 (£5), but some are free and charge you nothing to use their service. These are my favourites or course.

Some of the companies also offer you other ways to make money as well as from shopping online. Some let you play games to earn points that you can exchange for prizes, whilst others let you fill out surveys too, for which you earn cash.

I have dug around to highlight three of these cash back companies, which I think offer not just a great choice of retailers, but also have other ways to make money from. All of them have no fees.


This one is predominately for the British market and is one that I use a lot myself. I use it to buy my weekly groceries using one of the high streets big names, Asda. I also have used it a lot to buy a lot of my Christmas presents from, again using big high street stores as well as some others I would never have come across myself.

I have added this way of shopping to my frugal living everyday lifestyle and it certainly has helped me put some extra money in my pocket over the last year.

They have a very large list of Retailers to choose from and I must admit I was really surprised to find so many of the big names available through them.

The amount of money you can makes varies from retailer to retailer but the offers and deals are clearly marked so you know exactly how much cashback you can get. This makes your purchasing decision so much easier.

Topcashback also give you £2.50 for every other person you refer to their site who sign up. I thought this was great because you were not only making money by referring your friends and relatives but you were also helping them to make some money back too.


This site not only allows you to shop through them and earn money but they also offer lots of daily surveys and promotions where you can earn cash through also.

I found that a lot of these surveys and offers ask for your details and email address to apply for the promotions and survey etc, so I set up a separate email address so that I didn't get a lot of unwanted emails in the future in my normal email box.

But the surveys are so easy and quick I find that I do several every day and so the money I earn builds up quite quickly.

They too offer you money for referring others and give you lots of promotional tools to help you do this.


This site has a more fun approach to earning cashback. The site is much more colourful and is designed to get you involved in earning money and points in various ways.

They not only allow cash back shopping but also online paid surveys, friend referrals and even online games to play. The games are a bit of fun, but even so, you can earn points by playing the games for which you can exchange your points for prizes. I was quite impressed with their range of prizes and think it's well worth having a play when you have a few spare minutes to earn the points.

Cashback Makes Sense

I wish I had found these cashback sites sooner as it makes so much sense to me to use them and earn money back for doing nothing different than the shopping I would normally have done online any way.

There are of course many other cashback sites available to choose from, all offering different payment methods and amounts. So what are you waiting for, find one that suits you and sign up. This is a whole new way to be frugal with your money but still be getting what you want.

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