Cash in on your used books & discs

by Julia Miles
(Santa Barbara, CA)

Save by getting your money back on your books, DVDs, CDs and Video Games that you are done using.

If you do not have time to sell your stuff on your own on websites like Amazon, Ebay or Craigslist, the next most profitable option for you will be using an online buy back company which will purchase your items and will pay you cash for it. They will give you instant online quotes and most will pay for you to ship your items in. Online buyback companies are getting more and more popular since their pay out amounts are higher than in regular stores and you can see how much you are getting paid for your books and discs before you decide to sell them.

Most online buyback companies are either buying books (for example or discs (for example There is one company so far that I have found who is buying a variety of media. The company’s name is They will purchase books, textbooks, CDs, DVDs and video games. I have been using them for awhile now and have found their service to be excellent. It is convenient to sell a variety of media in one place. Their prices seem to be better and they are one of the companies that provide you with a free shipping label. I also liked them because they provided a tracking number, do not charge any fees (at least not yet) and will pay you by check or PayPal.

I hope someone will find my advice to be useful:)

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