Camping Holidays
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Camping holidays, are they for you? Well you either love or hate camping, there doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground.

Many of us first experience camping when we are children, going away with mum and dad or with the local kids club.

It was all high jinx; scary stories and waking up in a damp sleeping bag and you may be wondering why as an adult would you want to do that again.

Well things have changed over the years and camping holidays are now a little less basic and with a little effort are great fun for the whole family.

If you want to get away from it all and your budget is tight, frugal camping holidays could be the perfect solution.

What Are The Choices For Frugal Camping Holidays?

There are plenty of different places you can now pitch your tent, it all depends on what sort of camping experience you are looking for. For instance there are:

  • Get away from it all sites - these can be basic with just a shower block and toilet facilities. But they are great for being in the middle of nowhere where you can truly enjoy the countryside and get away from all of life's hustle and bustle.
  • Seaside sites - If you enjoy being by the sea or want to have a family beach holiday then these sites are perfect. They normally also include some sort of onsite family entertainment centre where the kids can play and the adults can have a lively drink or two.
  • Trekking - if you really want to see the countryside and are into some serious walking then trekking with your tent on your back and visiting specially allocated small trekking camping sites could be for you. These sites attract the adventurous types and you could find yourself sitting round campfires in the evening swapping stories with other trekkers.

The Equipment

Keeping it frugal, simple and light to carry especially if you trekking is often the first consideration when taking camping holidays. However there are some essentials that if you travel without could ruin your entire vacation.

Sleeping Comfort

You can either decide to:

  • Sleep on just a ground sheet - rather hard on your back and you may end up getting wet.
  • Airbed - these are comfortable and only require blowing up. However they can be heavy to carry.
  • A sleeping pad - lightweight and easy to carry, these rolls provide a little comfort.
  • Camping bed - these are raised off the ground like a hammock are quite comfortable but a little more difficult to carry around.

The sleeping bag you choose will depend on the time of year you are travelling. During the summer only a lightweight bag is required but it is always better to go for something a little warmer, as it is much easier to cool down than to warm up.

Cooking Equipment

If you are going for the full camping holidays experience then you will be cooking under the stars. If there are only a couple of you then a single gas stove is all you will need.

They are light and easy to carry and are great for single pot cooking. If there are more of you and you are not planning to carry your equipment around with you then there are full outdoor stoves available, these are probably better if you are cooking for a family, as your menu options are greater.

However be frugal with just how many pots and pans you really need, after all you don't want to have to carry around with you heavy unecceassry items if you don't have to.

Plan your meals before you go and only take the cooking utensils you will require. To keep costs to a minimum, take your own pots and buy some cheap plastic plates etc from the cheap stores rather than from the camping store.

If you are trekking and planning to camp often then it would be advisable to buy the proper camping utensils as they have folding handles and stack together for ease of transportation.


You will need a torch to find your way to the toilets during the night. Invest in a wind up one that will reduce the cost of batteries and can also be used forever more at home. A little gas lantern will be needed to light your tent at night. Only have one per tent and use aluminium foil to reflect the light as they can be a little dim for reading with.

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