Calendars Frugal Tips & Uses 

Uncommon frugal living uses for calendars.

Calenders only have a one year life. Once they are out of date they usually get tossed in the bin. But lots of the sites visitors have sent in lots of suggestions as to how you can use them.

Drawer Liners

To keep your drawers looking attractive and easy to clean, line drawers with pages from an old one.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Cut out the pictures and paste onto a piece of cardboard. Then cut into pieces to make an original jigsaw puzzle for your kids. You could even get the kids to help you make them and is a great frugal activity to keep your kids amused during those wet weekend days.

Place Mats

It seems a shame that the lovely pictures in these old year schedules go to waste and aren't seen for longer than the one month they are on show. To make attractive table mats cut the pictures out and paste onto thin board or cork and varnish the picture or cover with sticky back plastic.

Collage Cover

Cover plain storage boxes with a collage of several pictures from a schedules. This method can also be used to cover exercise books, diaries or picture frames.

Greeting Cards

Instead of spending a fortune on greeting cards why not make your own by using the pictures cut out from a small year schedules or from the small thumbnail pictures on the back. Simply paste the picture on to a folded piece of coloured card.


A box room or storage area can look rather dull and uninteresting. Why not cover the walls in pages from a calendar. You can either place them in an orderly fashion or at random angles for a more interesting pattern.

New years eve table cloth

For a really unusual cover for a table at a new years eve party why not use the pages from the past years schedules and stick them onto a large piece of paper to create a end of year table cloth. This idea could also be used as aChristmas decoration.

(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver)

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