Cable and Internet can be much cheaper!

by Emmy
(Columbia, SC, USA)

January 13, 2010

Cable bills are going higher and higher with more frustration about all those channels, yet nothing to watch. The cable companies don't post the cheapest service on their websites, like it's some kind of big secret. You can get a basic service that is less costly then what the cable companies call "basic". Its mostly the network channels. $14 month. I dropped to the local network channels aka basic limited cable - no more box and my HD TV has HD programs to watch! I've reduced my cable/internet combo with NO movie channels or DVR from 135 month to about $70!

Also internet via cable company - most offer a "slower" internet via cable - for 29 month instead of $50 - 2 friends have it & like it. I'm thinking I might reduce my bill even lower by dropping the $50 internet to $29. Now if you are a "gamer" you won't be happy with the $29 internet - but I'm not into online gaming, so it will probably work fine for me.

Its time to revolt against cable companies, time to pull the plug, give them back their cable boxes. We all know they are charging way too much.

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