Budget Planning
 For Your Financial Future 

Budget planning and knowing where you will be in your future financially can be a great comfort. Well It's one less thing to have to worry about anyway.

The main bulk your life is consumed by work and providing for your family and then once that is over it's time for you during your retirement. In both areas it is important to manage your money and make sure that it is working hard for you so that you get the most out of life.

Here we talk about those two major areas of life and how budget planning will help keep you on the right tracks for a frugal living. Then you will find some handy financial tips to keep in mind at all times.

Work Life

Many people are happy to spend most of their working life working for the same company; it is steady and has built in financial securities.

But this is not for every one and if you suspect that you are one of the many people who may one day want to be self employed, planning your finances early on will help give you a cushion of money to help get your new business off the ground.

I myself spent many years building up savings so that I could start my own business. Without that forward planning and living a frugal lifestyle it would have been totally impossible.

Unfortunately it is more and more common to hear of people being made redundant from their jobs. This can be a massive blow and can leave many people with huge debts.

Planning for this possibility by taking out insurance policies to pay off your major debts can be one of the single most important budget planning decisions of your life.


How will you cope when you retire? That is a question I hear people asking each other all the time. I think it is becoming more and more of a pressing problem for people as we are all now living longer and our money will have to stretch further.

We also don't want to have to penny pinch once we retire, we want to have fun and freedom and this costs. Planning for your retirement early on in your working career is the only way to provide yourself with financial security.

There are many ways people are preparing for their retirement, Pensions and stock market investments are the most common, but property has also become a popular way to put aside a little nest egg for the future.

Top tips to live your financial life by

Financial planning for your future sounds like hard work, especially if money is tight.

But by following these golden rules to live your life by, you may find that money isn't such the big frightening issue you thought it was.

  • Live within your budget - if you spend less than you earn you will be able to save, if spend more than you earn you will have debt. A simple philosophy I know, but true none the less.
  • Use credit wisely - Use credit cards only when you have to and make sure you pay off the bill each month. Never use store cards, ever!
  • Save - make saving a lifelong habit. Introduce saving to your children from an early age and save yourself as often as you can. Budget planning should always include savings if at all possible.
  • Search out the best deals- check regularly to see if your bank accounts and credit cards are the best ones for you and you are getting the best deals.Moving accounts for a better deal is no longer the hassle it used to be and you could be earning yourself extra money.
  • Take advice - for major financial planning decision seek out a registered independent financial advisor. Life is too short to make mistakes with your money.
  • Pay your taxes - As the saying goes "there are only two certainties in life, death and taxes".Always pay your taxes on time and never try to lie to the taxman, they will always find you out and this is a very expensive mistake.
  • Protect your family - take out good insurance policies to ensure the financial future of your family. Protecting your home against unexpected events will ensure that your family will always have somewhere to live.

More Financial Planning Tips

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