Brown rice in chicken stock

by Carol
(Lake Oswego)

I make this in my pressure cooker, which every frugal home-maker needs to have.

This is a way to make rice cooked in broth the quick, easy & inexpensive way in a one step process. This recipe utilizes the chicken bones left from de-boning breasts or other parts from the chicken recipe you are preparing.

Measure out the rice & water according to amount you want & put in pressure pot. I use 1 cup brown rice & just shy of 2 cups water which will make about 3 cups cooked rice. On top of the rice & water lay the bones which will have some chicken meat attached. (You can also buy ahead inexpensive chicken parts such as wings or drumsticks & freeze in small amounts just for this purpose & simply add a couple of wings or a drumstick to the pot.)

My pressure cooker takes 22 minutes on low pressure for brown rice. That is almost the same time it takes for white rice in a regular pan. At the end of the cooking, lift off the chicken carcass & remove bits of chicken to add to the rice.

This makes a fabulous, basic cooked rice. I much prefer to get my "stock" this way than to buy it in cans or cubes because you know exactly the ingredients that are in there. Just chicken. No MSG in named or hidden form. So this is a one-step way to get a simple, but basic & good rice side dish. And utterly frugal.

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