Bottle Caps Frugal Tips & Uses 

Uncommon frugal living uses for bottle caps.

Bottle tops are everywhere, you can't go a day without seeing one somewhere, on the pavement, on the shelves and vending machines.

Rather than just throwing them away, make use of them in these fun ways.

Christmas decorations

 Spray the caps with silver and gold paint and punch a hole in the middle of each one and string them together to hang them through the tree or around the home.

Musical instrument

A great idea for making a cheap musical instrument for your kids is to punch holes through the middle of each bottle top and thread them on a nail which you then bang into a piece of wood. Add several nails of caps to the wood; tapping the wood on the floor plays the instrument.

Bird deterrent 

A great garden tip for scaring the birds from your vegetable patch is to string caps together and hang them in the garden near to plants that you want to protect from pecking birds. If you have a vegetable patch, you could string the caps around the area completely to make the whole area very unsettling for our feathered friends.

Fish descaler

Nail several caps to a small block of wood close together with the rough edge facing out. You can then rub the tops over the body of the fish and the rough edges make easy work of removing the scales.

Mud scraper 

If you live in an area where you are always wearing rubber boots which get covered in mud, you know how tedious it can be to scrape the dry mud off of afterwards. So why not make a door mat covered in bottle tops by securing them to a piece of wood close together with the rough edge facing up and place it outside near your back door.

(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver) 

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