Borax Frugal Tips & Uses 

Uncommon frugal living uses for borax.

This is a list of uses that have been sent in by visitors to the site. I hope you find them useful.


Fill a cup with the soap and sprinkle it around your plant beds.

Nappy Freshener

If you are usingreusable nappies to help eliminate those nasty niffs, add 8 tablespoons to your regular washing powder. It not only gets rid of smells but also helps to get rid of stains and makes the nappy more absorbent.

China Shiner

To bring back the sparkle to your china rinse them in warm water with 8 tablespoons of the soap and then rinse off with cold water. if using a dish washer simply add 1 tablespoon to your dishwashers detergent.

Flower preserver

To dry flowers, place one of two flowers in an airtight container with a layer of 1 part hand soap powder and 2-part cornmeal mixed together in the bottom. Leave the container in a cool dry place for between 7 to 10 days. Then dust the flowers off with a soft artists brush.

Cat Litter Smells

Blend 6 parts cat litter with 1 part of the soap and place in the bottom of the cat litter tray to help reduce the any nasty smells.

Drain cleaner

If you have a sink that is draining away slowly it may have a fat blockage further down the pipe. Pour boiling water and hand soap powder down the drain to help loosen the blockage. Always good to have some hand soap powder in your cleaningcupboard for these little home emergencies.

(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver 

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