Birthday Party Games
For The Whole Family 

Birthday party games do not need to only be for the kids.

In fact many of the best adult parties I have been to have been where we have all sat down and played some hilarious games, usually ending up with me having tears running down my face and my sides aching with all the laughter.

Teenage parties can be a bit difficult to plan too, as it's that sort of inbetween age where you're too young to drink but too grown up to play silly kids games. However there are games that can be tailored for this age group aswell.

I find new boxed games bought from the shop too expensive for my purse and anyway, it is so easy to become bored of them after a while.

So instead I have found a great place where I can download and print new games every time I have a party. No matter for what age group, there is always something that will help make the party go with a swing.

These printable party games are not only inexpensive but there is so much choice too. There are hundreds of different games available to suit any occasion, so that you can have a different game every time you have a party.

But hey, why not decide for yourself. Here is just a small selection of the printable games available. i hope you agree they really are a great way to make your party that little bit different.

  • Birthday Bingo
  • Charades
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Trivia Challenge

This is just a small sample of the games available. Click on the pictures to see more.

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