Belts Frugal Tips & Uses 

Uncommon frugal living uses for belts.

Leather straps are strong, very strong and can last for years. Don't forget about them at the bottom of your cupboard, instead put them to good use.

Luggage guard

Secure a small suitcase with one of your old trouser straps around the middle of the suitcase and through the handle to help prevent the case from opening in case of rough handling at the airport.

The last thing you need when travelling is to find that your case has exploded open and some of your items have gone missing.


Keep a leather strap in the kitchen for sharpening knives. When you need to use it, place the buckle over a hook in the wall and hold the strap taut with your free hand. Knives are always going blunt when i am trying to cook, so i find this a really handle tool.

Book carrier

A great idea to carry a few large books together is to tieone of your old trouser straps around them and use it as a handle.

Strap wrench

To give you effective leverage on a stubborn pipe or handle, wrap a strap around the pipe tightly then secure the loose end with a nail to a piece of wood. Then turn the wooden handle in the direction you want the pipe to move the strap will tighten and help move the pipe.

Tool Holder

Nail a strap to a wall in the shed horizontally. Place nails along the strap leaving little gaps big enough to put tools in and which will be tight enough to hold them there against the wall. Also a good frugal alternative for those expensive kitchen utensil holders , adds a little rustic feel to the kitchen too.

(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver)

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