Being Frugal Daily 

Being frugal, what does it mean to you?

Many would say that it is all about saving money and being a bit of a tight wad, others would say that it is about being more resourceful and finding uses for things instead of throwing them away. Some may even say that it is all about helping to save the planet in the long run.

In a way frugality is about all those things but it is how we choose to carry out our own mode of frugality in our daily lives that is important and not what others tell us we should be doing.

Being frugal should not another stressful thing in our lives; it should really be the opposite, a liberating and a fun way to live.

Living the frugal lifestyle day to day

I thought I would tell you about how I live frugally every day, a sort of snapshot into the life of someone trying very hard to live the best way she can on the resources available.


I work from home, the computer being my main tool and my window to the world. I spend about 9 hours a day in front of it in my little back office.

Working from home means that I do have to use some resources in the house which will cost me money, things like lighting, heating and cooking. I have however worked out ways that I can keep these costs down:

  • I never have the heating on during the daylight hours, even in mid winter. Instead I wrap up very warm including wearing a hat and sometimes fingerless gloves. It doesn't hinder me at all and it’s free, after all there is no one here to see me during the day.

  • I boil the kettle using only the water I need for that cup of tea or coffee. Kettles can use a lot of electricity and if you are boiling whole kettles full each time, you will definitely notice it in your bill.

  • When I cook my evening meals for myself and my partner, I always make extra. That way I have something for lunch the next day, soups and quiches and curries are my favourite and it means I eat well too.


Because I work from home there is always the temptation to pop down the shops for something or nothing just to get out of the house. The danger here of course that that it opens the way for unnecessary spending.

I have always made it the rule that I never go shopping during working hours, keeping all my shopping to only when I need to buy groceries or my weekend days out. This way I rarely spend anything on extra shopping and being frugal is a snap.

I buy mainly fresh vegetables and salads every week so that I can make lots of different meals. I find the market a really good place to buy cheap vegetables and if I have to buy more than I need to get a deal then I tend to either cook up meals and freeze them or I chop the veggies up and freeze them raw.

Tinned beans are also great for bulking stews and casseroles out. The two for one deals are really great and I keep my pantry stocked up with cheap tinned food.

House decorating

I have joined a UK group which is location based where you can put things you no longer up to give away. It’s to stop people throwing away things which someone else could use. I have got a great big TV and cabinet from it as well as many little bits and bobs and lots of things for the garden too.

As for decorating the house, I buy paint from my local recycling group. People give them cans of paint this don’t need and they sell them off cheap. I have saved so much money this way and I have even managed to wood stain all my garden furniture and deck with wood preserver from this scheme.

As you can see being frugal is not that difficult and I really enjoy making use of things I have to make the effort to find. Charity shops and Yard sales are my domain, I just don’t get the same buzz when all I have to do is pay for an item at the till, boring.

I’m sure many of you have your own ways of being frugal on a daily basis and if you think they would benefit others why not drop me line here at the site and I will add your ideas. Send your ideas to:

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