Be Frugal Efficient And Save Energy

by Sue

picture by  Grayskullduggery

picture by Grayskullduggery

"At least one in 10 new homes in Britain do not meet legal requirements for energy efficiency, condemning tens of thousands of householders to higher energy bills, and exacerbating climate change."

When I read this today from the Guardian newspaper online it made me despair. I mean what year are we in 2010 right? and we are still building homes with no thought for the future or for those poor saps who have to live in these new boxes they want us to call home.

Energy bills are rising all the time and it will become harder and harder for people to find the money to pay for them. Add to this the fact that it looks like our winters are becoming colder and I can see big problems on the horizon for many people.

If being frugal has taught me anything, it is that the best way to save money in the long run is to invest in the future. So yes it does cost money initially to lag your loft, have better window insulation, using A rated electrical goods etc but it will also mean that you will have lower bills for a long time to come.

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