Be Creative and Frugal This Easter

by Amy

picture by rumpleteaser

picture by rumpleteaser

Eater is not far away now and I was wondering what i am going to do to keep my two nieces happy this time round.

Usually they expect lots of brightly colored, branded chocolate easter eggs with all their favorite cartoon characters on them. There also seems to be an expectation that the biggest eggs are the best ones and so being shallow adults who doesn't want to be seen buying a smaller egg than anyone else, usually meant spending a small fortune.

Not this year, this year i will be wearing my frugal hat and keeping my hand in my pocket, well almost all of the time.

This year I have decided to get creative and will be making up special easter baskets for the kids. i will be using old cereal boxes for the cardboard and turning them into little round buckets, which i will decorate with spring flower pictures cut out of newspapers and magazines. dress this up with some old ribbon and fill them up with mixed sweets which you can buy from the dollar or pound shops, along with a few penny toys.

Now i know they won't get anything else like this. so you never know i might just be their favorite aunt thins year.

Do you have any of your own frugal ideas this Easter? Add your comments below.

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Easter the fun and frugal way
by: Maria

what a wonderful idea!!
I had those as a small child and loved them.
Or get a small basket from a charity shop, add some green paper grass, fill with little treats and hide it in the garden for them. or somewhere in your flat if you dont have access to a garden

You could take them to a nearby park and go on a little Easter treasure hunt wher they get a hand decorated egg from you.
My Dad used to take me on Easter sunday on a walk and hide little colorful eggs for me.
Have a peaceful and Happy Easter


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