Baked Chicken Recipe 

Baked Chicken Recipe Ingredients:

Whole fryer chicken cut up
Saltine crackers

Frugal Recipes - Recipe Instructions

1. Preheat oven to 350

2. Take your saltine crackers and put them in a zip lock bag and crush them up (I use a rolling pin).

3. Melt a stick of butter -(you can melt more later if you need it).

4. Place Butter and Crackers in seperate tupperware containers large enough for your chicken peices.

5. Take whole fryer chicken peices and dip them in the melted butter and then dip them in the crushed saltine crackers. Put them on a backing sheet. After you have all the chicken on there pour the remaining butter over the chicken. Put it in the oven for an hour.

It taste great, super easy to make and inexpensive!! 


Nice and simple recipe Melissa and a lot cheaper than buying those readymade packets of chicken spices and toppings etc. Also although there is butter in the recipe I suspect a little healthier than the chemicals and additives which may be in the pre packed toppings. No E numbers to worry about.

Chicken is still one of the cheapest meats to buy and very versatile to use. Even the bones can be used in soups for flavouring so I’m told. (I’m a vegetarian so I wouldn’t know) but I remember my old Nan using the bones in soups when I was growing up.

This chicken could be eaten hot with vegetables or with plain rice and peas or eaten cold for a packed work lunch or for a picnic.

Another tip is if you are on your own you could save money by buying packs of chicken and either cook it all and freeze what you make to have for future meals. Or as I do, cook more than you would eat at one meal and save it for the next day’s lunch. I have saved so much lunch money over the years doing this.

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