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An Answering service is probably one of the easiest services you can offer and probably one that demand is probably on the increase for.

Many people are now working from home or being their own boss and companies are also trying to reduce office costs by outsourcing as much work as they can.

Providing and answering service simply means that you make yourself available when required to answer alls and pass messages on. You may even be asked to make some calls in response.

You will need to be able to grantee your services when they need them and also have a professional manner and quiet environment to answer the calls from. So if you have screaming kids or a barking dog then this may not be the work for you.

Finding the work in the first place might be the hardest thing, as you will have to persuade people that you are reliable and that your service will help their business.

Start off by advertising your service in local business magazines and newspapers. Contact local businesses and business schools to let them know about your service.

Make sure you make a professional approach to companies and supplement this with quality stationary.


No training is required although a good speaking voice and experience of an office environment will be beneficial.


You will need to have a home telephone and a computer to receive and send emails. Apart from these equipment costs you may also have to spend some money on advertising your service, but this does not have to be expensive.

Pros and Cons - Answering Service

On the positive side you are able to work from home and the work is not very taxing.

On the negative side it may take some time to find yourself your first job and you will also have to commit to the work, which may mean that you are not able to leave home during the day when you want to.

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