Amazon Prime - Can You Really Save Money?

So can you really save money if you sign up for Amazon prime service? Good question and one I was interested to find the answer to as I am a fan of Amazon.

I am the sort of user who would buy a book from Amazon at the cheapest price and get free super saver postage here in the UK. But I have noticed that the super saver postage is now only free if your order is over £10 and that is no good for me.

So What Is Amazon Prime And Will It Save Me Money?

First of all I will say this, Amazon prime is a yearly subscription service and so there is an upfront fee. Now for someone like me who is frugal, this feels odd at first, why would I spend all this money upfront? But if you purchase a lot from Amazon over the year then the savings could really be worth it.

Amazon Prime is a service whereby you will get free fast delivery on millions of items guaranteed. This is great if you hate waiting for days or weeks for other companies to deliver.

The service also offers its subscribers some great bonuses. Such as:

  • Unlimited streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies which can be viewed either through your mobile device, PC or if you're lucky enough to own a smart TV connected to the internet. This alone could save you money if you then don't have to pay extra for other streaming movie services such as Netflix.

  • If you are a kindle owner (or just use the free downloadable app). You can also get free access to thousands of Kindle Titles.  I'm guessing they won't be the latest top sellers (or am I wrong), but even so with thousands of books to choose from there is bound to be something for everyone.

Let's Look At The Savings

Currently Prime is available in the UK and US with a 30 day free trial. After that time it will cost £79 / $99 a year to subscribe to the service.

That’s £6.58 / $8.25 a month.

Now that does not seem like much when you consider that a membership to Netflix costs £5.99 $7.99 (with rumors of that price increasing) a month alone.  Ok the library may not be as big, but if you're looking to save money then prime could be a good option to cut yearly costs.

Plus if you like to read Kindle books there's another saving depending on the number of books you read a month that could be another £20 saving a month. 

More Savings For USA Customers

Not yet available in the UK are two other linked services called Prime Moms and Prime Students.

These give extra discounts on specific items such as diapers for moms and a 15% extra discount for expecting moms.

Students can also get extra discounts on certain items as well earn an extra 10% discount for referring friends.

Amazon certainly knows how to keep that snowball rolling and gaining customer loyalty.

Will I sign up?

For me personally Amazon prime does not benefit me at this time. I don't read many books, I'm not a big TV/Movie watcher and I only order from Amazon about twice a month. So there aren't really any savings for me at the moment. But possible in the future if these things change I would sign up. The savings are certainly there if you need them.

Tip for UK Buyers

If you are wanting to buy just one book that will cost under £10 then check out other book sellers such or who often have free postage no matter what and the cost of the books are usually the same if not slightly cheaper than Amazons price.

US buyers may find similar online booksellers offering the same free postage so it's always worth checking first.

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