Air Drying Clothes To Save Money

Air drying is one of the best ways I know for cutting down on the costs of using the electric dryer at home, Laura from Ontario agrees with me. She says

“I cut down on the expense of using a dryer by drying our clothes inside. I bought a drying rack and it is amazing how much clothing can be hung on it. They usually dry in one day. In the winter I place it by one of the heating vents and in summer by an open window. In the summer they smell as fresh as hanging outside.”

Personally I try not to use the dryer on my washer /dryer at home. I find that most of the time the clothes still come out relativity wet and I still have to hang them on an airier to dry for another day or so.

There is of course one drawback to using an airier to dry your clothes, especially in winter. It can take ages to dry clothes and if you are unlucky like me and do not have a separate room to hide the drying clothes in, it can be rather an unsightly and cluttering problem.

But in the summer, I love it when I can put all my clothes on the line to dry and within hours I have fresh smelling, dry clothes. Shame I live in the UK where it does tend to rain quite a lot in summer. Hey ho, I still say that air drying your clothes should be done as often as possible. It really does save on those electric bills.

Recently I have discovered that you can buy an electric free standing dryer whereby you place a bag over your clothes and let the airier underneath blow hot air up through the clothes. it is supposed to be energy efficient and take a lot less time to dry the clothes than in a traditional dryer. This may be a great alternative, especially during the wet months.

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