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Finding activities for kids to keep them happy and occupied can be expensive. For instance trips to the shops or going to the movies aren't as cheap as they used to be.

Add to this the expense of visiting so called children's fun day out experiences, like the zoo or adventure park and you could be looking at quite a hefty bill.

Luckily there are plenty of frugal activities for kids that are available to all of us. All you have to do is look back at your own childhood and try to remember all the things you used to get up to.

When I think back I realise that most of the things we did cost very little money if at all. I have wonderful memories of my mother taking my sister and me on simple bus journeys and loving every minute.

It was such an adventure and she would always pack some sandwiches for us to eat on a park bench somewhere.

It didn't seem to matter to us that we didn't actually go anywhere. The trip and having a nice day out with our mother was all that mattered and she achieved this just for the price of her bus fare.

I'm Bored

We've all heard that cry from our kids I'm sure. The trick is to have some ideas always up your sleeve ready when you hear that cry that will provide some frugal fun.

After all, to have happy kids on a budget is our aim and by encouraging them to join in activities for children they will be learning at the same time. Yey happy and intelligent kids.

Here are some frugal activities for kids to get you started, but keep those thinking caps on and find other frugal fun activities that will delight your kids.

Indoor Frugal Activities For Kids

Story telling - an activity often forgotten in today's electronic world. Not only do you get to spend some quality time with your children but you will also be giving them a head start in the world of reading and writing. It's so frugal too, i mean what could be cheaper and so simple to do.

Create a story - A similar activity is to get the kids to use their own imagination and create their own story with you and make it into a little handmade book, which they could present to the other parent.

This is a great little project that you could carry out every night a little at a time; it might even be an incentive for the kids to go to bed as they can look forward to creating the next little bit of story with you.

Dress up - Don't throw away those old clothes but keep them in a box for dress up days. Kids love to pretend to be other people or to dress up as adults and feel all grown up.

You could even suggest that they make up a little play to perform in the evening when everyone is at home. This will keep them occupied for hours and will help to build their confidence too.

Crafts - There so many little craft projects that kids can quite happily get immersed in and that will cost next to nothing.

Get in the habit of saving paper and foil and old buttons etc in fact almost anything can be used in craft projects. Some simple craft activities for kids are:

More Frugal Activities For The Kids

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