A Frugal LifeStyle For Me

by Yvonne Davidson

I live the frugal lifestyle as I am not into consumerism and waste!

I am very into the environment & helpin 2reduce my carbon footprint & help save the planet for future generations.

I try and walk everywhere if poss. Reuse my bags in stores. Shop at markets/cutprice shops! My motto is Never Pay Full Price For Anything and I very rarely do and if I do it kills me!

I bulk buy non perishables when on offer like toiletries/tinned goods/cleaning fluids

I tend never to run out so saves me a fortune. I also buy meat when reduced as going out of date that day and either eat it for tea or freeze it
Also quite often get cheap fruit & veg this way

Never throw anything out that can be used

Hav clothes in excess of 10 years old

Don't buy newspapers read online or watch news

Use cheaprate (economy 7) to do my washing & ironing

Try to linedry as much as poss

Don't fly

Spend my holidays in the UK on our canalboat which I managed to buy cash by being frugal all these years

Hav no debt or loans

Don't smoke or go out much
Luckily shopping & material goods don't really interest me

Like Reading get my books from charity shops & the family pass them round so only actually pay for bout dozen a year & read 1/2 a week

Don't watch a lot of tv or use lot of electric

Bake my own bread & cook mainly from scratch

All my frends think am totally mad but most of them in mega debt and misrable

I'm happy hav luvly husband & 3 great kids
Luv it wen get up the sun is shining can go for a walk or spend some time on the boat

Can't be doing with all stress of shopping or the road rage in traffic etc etc

You aren't on this earth for ever

I am trying to live my life a greener way
Tread lighter & think if more people did this the country wouldn't b in the state it is today


Comment by Kate (site onwer)
Great post Yvonne, I thought I was greener than most but you beat me hands down.
Dead jelous about the canal boat that has always been something me and my partner have always wanted to try.

Thanks for dropping by the site hope to see you again soon.

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