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Frugal Living Tips, Issue #010
September 01, 2009

Welcome to September's Frugal Living Tips newsletter.

What a month, an emotional roller coaster. I had to make the difficult decision to put to sleep our family cat of 13 years, which was not only heart wrenching but also placed quite a financial burden onto the family regarding vet expenses.

We used to have pet insurance but because of her age we were no longer able to insure her and so have had to shoulder the entire bill. So remember being frugal does not mean being cheap it means being wise with money. An having insurance to protect you from large unexpected bills is certainly something we should all consider.

Enough of the sad stuff. i hope you enjoy this months t Frugal-Living-Tips.Com newsletter and visit us soon.

Best Wishes Kate




1. Recipe

2. Tip of The Month - Pomander Ball

3. Competition - Recipe Competition

4. Coupons. - Money Off Coupons

5 Article - Recession Proof Your Insurance Needs


1. Recipe

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Carrot And Potato Soup

This recipe was given to me by my mother in law. She is an excellent cook and makes simple but tasty meals. I love making this homemade soup. It is great both in summer and winter..


1 large potato
1 & half carrots
1 medium onion
Knob of butter
1 pt vegetable stock

Chop onion and sweat in butter until they go translucent

Grate carrots and add to onion and simmer

Peel and chop potato and add to onion and carrot


Add stock and cook for ten minutes or until potato and carrots are cooked. Season to taste.

Place mixture in blender and blend until smooth

Serve with fresh crusty bread. A little plain yoghurt or crème fresh can be stirred in for that little extra luxury.


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2. Tip Of the Month - Pomander Ball

keep the clothes in your cupboards and drawers fresh smelling with this attractive pomander ball. It is a also a very nice gift idea too.

To make 1 ball

1 whole orange or lemon
4oz / 115g whole cloves
1 teaspoon ground cloves
1 tablespoon orris root powder

Press the sharp end of the whole cloves into the whole fruit until the whole of the surface is covered.

Mix the powdered orris root and ground cloves together in a bag.

Place the clove covered fruit into the bag and shake until the completely covered with the fragrant ground spices.

Remove the pomander ball, wrap in tissue paper and leave for two weeks.

Then attach ribbon to the top of the tissue paper ball and hang in the cupboard.


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3. Competition - Your home made Recipes

Every Month we hold a competition to find a family favorite recipe where you can win a variety of prizes. All you have to do is submit one of your favorite recipes to be in with a chance to win. It can be easy or complicated, simple or unusual, be imaginative. Enter and be in with a chance of a prize as well as possibly giving another family their own favorite meal of the week.

The prize this month is a copy of the book "Good housekeeping - Traditional remedies" by Linda grey (cover is different from that shown.).


.incense prize

Simply Submit your recipe to me here and I will choose a winner every month. All the recipes will feature on the web site.

Click here to submit Your Recipe


4. Free Downloadable Coupons

These are just some of the coupons you can download for free this month. Click on the image to see the full range available. Please use Internet explorer to view coupons.



Recession Proof Your Insurance Needs
by by Byron Udell

article from Dollar Stretcher

With the unemployment rate at a two-year high and the housing market in a slump, talk of a recession is on the rise. Most consumers depend on their employer for their health, life and disability insurance. According to a recent report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a recession in 2008 would eventually result in at least 4.2 million people losing health/life insurance coverage. If the worst happens and a recession costs them their job, what would they do?

There are steps you can take to help maintain your health, life and disability insurance coverage when the economy is looking grim.

Switch to term life insurance policy - If you have a group life insurance policy, you most likely will lose your coverage if you lose your job. Look into getting an individual term life insurance policy. Not only is the coverage portable, but also it's usually less expensive then group, and if you're in good health, you can usually get more coverage for less money.

Compare individual health insurance policies - Start comparing individual health insurance polices before you run into a situation where you are forced into getting something right away. If you lose your COBRA rights up front, you could end up in a tight spot. If you lose your job and you can exercise COBRA rights to retain your current employer's health insurance policy, do so. Even if you think you might be able to buy coverage at lower expense under an individual policy, protect yourself through COBRA.

Take care of important medical care - If you need significant medical care, do it now, while you're still employed and insured. Do you need a knee or hip replacement? Have you been putting off that colonoscopy? While many medical procedures can't be timed, don't put off to tomorrow what you should do anyway today, while you still have a job.

Think about any valid disability claim you have - If you would be entitled to disability, think carefully about delaying it. If you're laid off, you may lose the disability coverage. Collecting disability is a major step away from future employment, and it could mean that you'd be unable to get your career back on track if you later recover from your disability. But it also means a steady flow of income (albeit lower than your salary).



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