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Frugal Living Tips, Issue #003
February 01, 2009

Welcome to February's Frugal Living Tips newsletter.

Christmas is over and the tinsel has been put away for another year. Now we look forward to spring time again. Horay.

I have been very busy on the website during the last few months. Christmas doesn't stop me from adding to the site and making it bigger and better for all of you.

I have been sorting out interviews with experts in various areas of frugal living to add to the site. I have been adding more recipes to the cooking section and adding more tips and advice on ways to save money, or even make maney too. All in all frugal living is becoming a site jammed packed with great tips and advice for every one.

The site is also indebted to all of you who had your own tips and suggestions to help others live a more frugal lifestyle. There are many areas of the site for you to submit your own ideas, so don't be shy, be a part of our great frugal community.

Enjoy this newsletter and I hope you will come and visit us soon at Frugal-Living-Tips.Com

Best Wishes Kate



1. What's New On Frugal Living Tips

2. Tip of The Month - Cold Remedy

3. Competition - Recipe Competition

4. Coupons. - Money Off Coupons

5 Your Money - 5 Budget Ways to Warm Your Decor Through Winter


1. What's New On Frugal Living

Cash Back Sites

If you are like me and like to make savings when ever possible, you will love the idea of cash back sites.

I discovered a while back that I could not only shop online at many of my favourite stores but that I could also get cash back from my purchases just by going through one of the cashback websites.

Not only this but some of these sites also give you the chance to win prizes and points by playing games or answering survey questions.

All in all I find that over a year i can build up quite a nice little nest egg of cash to spend how I like. It really comes in handy dat Christmas time too.

Visit the cashback page here and find out more about the best three cashback sites I have found and use myself.

Frugal Talk

I have also introduced a place on the website where you can ask questions you may have about leading a frugal lifestyle or any other aspect of leading a life less wasteful and expensive.

I will either answer the questions myself or one of the many visitors to the site will help out with their answer.

The idea is to gather togeather as much of the frugal living tips and advice out there, being used on a daily basis by the many thousands of other frugallers (my own word) around the world. Helping all of us save money and lead more resourceful lives.

So if you want to ask something, come and visit the FRUGAL TALK page.


2. Tip Of the Month - Cold Remedy

At this time of year many of us will suffer the dreaded winter cold. One of the best tips I ever got from My grandma was that if you drink plenty of fluids and encourage your body to sweat that it will flush the cold out a lot quicker.

Here is a recipe to help encourage you to sweat.

To make 1 drink

1/8 teasproon cayenne pepper

Juice of 1 lemon

1 clove garlic, crushed

1 tablet Vitamn C

4fl oz / 115ml hot water

Mix all the ingredients togeather in a cup which already contains the hot water and sip slowly.

The garlic and pepper will make you sweat. It really doesn't taste as bad as you may think and when your nose is blocked anyway your taste buds are much impared. the lemon juice helps to lift the flavour too.



3. Competition - Your Recipes

dryer ballsEvery Month we hold a Best recipe of the month competition where you can win a variety of prizes. This Month the prize is a pair of reusable dryer balls.

I use these myself and find that it really does help to reduce the drying time and also makes the washing a litttle bit more fluffier.

Simply Submit your recipe with any serving suggestions to us here and we choose a winner every month. All the recipes will feature on the website.

Click here to submit Your Recipe




4. Free Downloadable Coupons

These are just some of the coupons you can download for free this month. Click on the image to see the full range avaiable. Please use Internet explorer to view coupons.


5. Your Money - 5 Budget Ways to Warm Your Decor Through Winter Free e-book
by Kathleen Wilson Article from Dollar Stretcher

Now that the holidays are over, and the decorations are put away, you may be wondering what now? Remember that Spring is still several months away, and you're best bet for keeping your rooms inviting during the dead of winter is to add warmth and comfort. And if you are like me and don't have a lot of extra cash lying around after the holiday crunch, use these inexpensive decorating ideas to make major changes in your rooms, for minor cash.
Rearrange. Create more intimate furniture arrangements, or just try something new! Move seating to create areas where people can easily talk, or group them around the fireplace or other focal point.

Use candles! Candles are relatively inexpensive, and should not be saved just for special occasions! Group them together, combine them with plants, or set them in front of a mirror. If you feel using them too often will cramp your budget, set aside one meal a week where you ceremoniously use them, such as Sunday dinner.

Place throw blankets casually over chairs and sofas for your loved ones to cuddle up in. A great way to buy these inexpensively is to check your fabric store for clearance sales on polar fleece. Buy 1 to 1 1/2 yards of fabric for each throw, then use scissors to cut fringe on the two ends. This fabric doesn't fray, comes in a wide array of patterns and solids, and does not need to be hemmed or sewn! I bought enough fabric for several throws and paid less than five dollars for each throw! Oh, and did I mention it is extremely soft and warm?

Set out well read books on end tables to encourage those in your home to use those throws. Who can not remember a fond winter's day cuddled up in a warm sofa with your favorite novel? (Oh, and you might want to stock your pantry with cocoa and tea, just in case.)

Layer your fabrics! Add one or two topper fabrics to your tables, layer several towels over each other in your bath and kitchen, add a valance to your window treatments. Remember this doesn't have to be expensive, use leftover fabric from your other projects, visit your local thrift store, or use unused quilts, coverlets, sheets, tablecloths, and cloth napkins from your linen closet.

All of these ideas are quick, easy, and inexpensive, and can be used throughout your rooms. So take a few hours and see how little changes can create cozy comfort in your own home.


Kathleen Wilson is the author of Quick Decorating Ideas Under $20: The Budget Decorator's Bible and editor of The Budget Decorator. Visit this free ezine at for more great ideas, and for information on ordering her book.

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