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Welcome to our site, let me introduce ourselves. We are Kate and Matt and we have led a money saving lifestyle now for over 10 years and are still going strong.

We didn't know we were being frugal, we just thought we were trying to save some money and live our lives less harmfully towards the planet.

Just like many of you we have a mortgage to pay and all the usual monthly bills but we have managed to stay out of debt otherwise. We still have lots of fun and even the occasional holiday.

Even though we think of ourselves as pretty clued up on all things about frugal living, we are still constantly learning new ways to save those pennies and that's one of the reasons for this site. Sharing tips and advice.

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Shopping Savings

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Cheap Food

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Budget Home Tips

In the following pages you will find useful information such as saving money on your grocery bill, cooking up cheap and tasty meals and even be able to compare hotels and prices to ensure you get the best deal.

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Shopping Savings

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Family Budgets

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Gardening on a budget

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Budget Travel

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Fun on the cheap

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Financial Freedom

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Budget Shopping

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Budget Going Out

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Best Money Saving tips

These pages were created to pass on our experiences of a simple frugal living and leading a less wasteful life, and to show that a home budget and a frugal lifestyle does not mean living without. It is also a place for you all to share your experiences too.

There are many pages on this site for you to save money and find out how to change your lifestyle. Don't forget to come back for your regular grocery coupons and savings on the shopping malls.

We will cover all aspects of living a simple less wasteful lifestyle on a budget that we hope will inspire you and help you save money that you just didn't know you had. Money that you can use for you and your family's future, or for that dream car or holiday, or just to put away for a rainy day.

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